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Improve Your Mental Outlook with Psychotherapy in Denver, CO

When you are ready to work through challenging issues and self-defeating thoughts, reach out to Donna Strickland for psychotherapy in Denver, CO. In Donna, patients discover a psychotherapist that truly listens. She has been in practice for more than 40 years, and during that time, she has helped many to move forward in their lives.

The moment they realize they need help is a turning point in many people’s lives. This shows recognition that a problem is impacting their lives, as well as the motivation to do something about it. There are times in all of our lives when we need a little help to cope with life’s challenges, be it depression, divorce, or a physical or mental condition. Call the office to schedule a psychiatric appointment.


Talking Therapy Does Help

Donna uses a number of different practices to help her clients improve their mental health. One is talk therapy, where she allows a patient to talk about their concerns. Talking it out can help an individual to understand their feelings and move them to make positive changes.

Often hearing yourself say the words provides a client with deeper insight into the issue.  With guidance from Donna, a patient can turn away from those feelings of anxiety, shame, guilt, and self-judgment and learn to love themselves. 

The Need for Prescription Medication

Donna is an advanced practice psychiatric mental health clinical nurse specialist, who is board-certified with prescriptive authority. This means she has the authority to make decisions about prescribing medications to patients that need it. This is not done lightly, but sometimes, medical solutions are necessary. First, a need must be established and then a patient must take pharmacogenetic testing. These tests look at specific genes to determine the types of medicine and the dosage that would be best. This way, prescription medication is safe and effective. 

The Advantages of Adult Counseling

By working directly with her clients, Donna is dedicated to helping them with the wide range of issues they may be having in their lives. Numerous approaches can be utilized to help a patient through the difficult times in their lives. 

Patients find relief and support while seeing and feeling new perspectives and options in their lives. With decades of psychotherapy experience, Donna relishes the opportunity to help those in need of quality therapy. 

Contact us today to make a change for the better in your life. We proudly serve patients in Central Colorado.

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