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Medicating through Pharmacogenetic Testing in Denver, CO

Pharmacogenetic testing in Denver, CO, is a valuable tool for determining the best medication for your unique needs. The process will help identify genetic markers that allow your medication to have its intended effect. If you are experiencing depression or your medication is not working adequately, contact Donna Strickland today. We make sure to take enough time with each client to understand their concerns. 

A Nurse Who Qualifies to Prescribe

Donna has the credentials and qualifications to prescribe medication to meet your needs and work with your body. She is an advanced practice, psychiatric, mental health, clinical nurse-specialist with the authority to write prescriptions. This is what all of the letters behind her name -- DONNA STRICKLAND MS RXN PMHCNS-BC LLC -- mean. 

With her decades of practice and extensive specialized knowledge, you can feel confident about Donna’s ability to help you. She is an understanding and experienced professional who has your best interests at heart. 

The Wisdom of Testing

Not every medication works for everyone. While it may be common to prescribe the same drug for everyone who has that condition, that is not what Donna practices. Instead, she recommends pharmacogenetic testing with a sample of blood or saliva. Medical professionals at a laboratory analyze the results, which look at how your genes impact the way your body reacts to a particular medication.

Making use of psychiatric medication management yields information on whether this prescription may work well for you, what the dosage should be, and whether this could cause side effects. This is a wise and safe way to proceed should you need prescription medication to help you with a mental condition.